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Treat your guests to a glass of Rotkäppchen sparkling wine as a welcome drink or an aperitif. It’s an ideal way to introduce the culinary treats to come, before a meal, and also works well alongside the main course or dessert. And sparkling wine is a must for special occasions.
Remember: to enjoy it at its best, serve it chilled. But don’t drink it too cold, or it will seem tasteless. The perfect drinking temperature depends on the colour.

Recommended drinking temperatures

Sparkling white wine: 5–7°C
Rosé: 6–8°C
Red: 9–11°C

To allow the perlage and the bouquet to develop optimally, it’s important to chill the sparkling wine to the right temperature. The best method is to put the wine in the fridge the night before you’re planning to drink it, but don’t put it in the freezer compartment or in a chest freezer. To keep it cool, we recommend that you use a wine cooler with ice cubes and water.

Our expert tip

This little trick will quickly bring your sparkling wine down to the right temperature. It’s useful if you suddenly fancy a glass, or if guests unexpectedly call round. Fill the wine cooler with crushed ice, pour in some water and then sprinkle around two tablespoons of salt over the ice. This will make the ice melt and cause cooling by evaporation. Holding the neck, carefully spin the bottle around in the cold salt water for about ten minutes, and the wine will reach drinking temperature. This process is well known in the wine business.


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