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Since 1856 the very traditional Rotkäppchen Sparkling Wine Winery has been producing top quality sparkling wines and sharing moments of pure pleasure with their consumers. Its experienced cellar masters turn select basic wines into various, extraordinary cuvées.
Thanks to its fine bouquet and balanced character, Rotkäppchen is the most successful and popular producer of sparkling wine in Germany. With outstanding products, tradition and strong bonds with the consumer community, Rotkäppchen has established itself as a true synonym for German sparkling wine culture.


The friends Moritz Kloss, Julius Kloss and Carl Foerster establish a wine store in Freyburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.


Foundation of the sparkling wine factory „Kloss & Foerster Sekt“.


A new brand name is called for. It is provided by the red crown cap of the sparkling wines from Freyburg: from now on, the product is called Rotkäppchen sparkling wine.


Turbulent times for Rotkäppchen: The original owners are expropriated. Günther Kloss re-establishes the „Kloss & Foerster“ sparkling wine manufactory in West Germany. The name ‘Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei’ is retained in the East.


Rotkäppchen sparkling wine celebrates its 125th anniversary.


The supermarket shelf competition takes off. Rotkäppchen starts an aggressive advertising campaign: The bottles are adorned with new, classy labels. The first press advertisements are run.


At the turn of the millennium, Rotkäppchen presents itself in a new red dress: from now on ‘Maria’ is a continuing character in all advertising media. By the end of 2001, Rotkäppchen will be market leader in the sparkling wine category.


The consumers elect Rotkäppchen the most trusted sparkling wine brand – and Rotkäppchen has been awarded the title ‘Most Trusted Brand’ every year since


Acquisition of the sparkling wine brands of Canadian Seagram Company Ltd. The Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH is established. International market share = 30%


Launch of the alcohol-free Rotkäppchen sparkling wine. The new creation appears in a new, ‘airier’ design.


Launch of the summery sparkling wine varieties ‘Fruchtsecco’, which enjoy great popularity with female consumers.


Rotkäppchen is among the Top 4 of German „Best Brands 2016“.


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