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  • Always store Rotkäppchen sparkling wine upright in a cool, dark place to ensure long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Never store sparkling wine in clay or stone racks, since the rough surfaces can damage or break the bottles.
  • As a rule of thumb, the wine will keep for one to two years without any loss of quality if stored properly.
  • Once a bottle has been opened, use a stopper made for sparkling wine and store it in the fridge for one day at the most.

Don’t forget

Cool your sparkling wine down to the right temperature before serving.

Please note

  • Temperature fluctuations and frequent drops in temperature can damage sparkling wine.
  • Transporting it in an overheated car boot can also damage it.
  • Make sure you also protect your sparkling wine from strong light, since light speeds up the process of oxidation, which accelerates ageing and can influence the taste.
  • Before you serve sparkling wine that has just been transported, give it some time to settle. This will prevent the wine from fizzing over when you open the bottle.


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